Had a fabulous experience. Dr. Ann is amazing and helpful. She went above and beyond for what is needed.

Gail J, Naples FL

I called the office on a Saturday and she came to my home on Sunday! She tested me and then fit me all in the same day. They have been great!

Michele Davis, Naples FL

Doctors Hearing is by far an industry leader in audiology in Lee and Collier County. They certainly go over and beyond to exceed their patients needs. Dr. Ann and husband, Brian, will certainly be my recommendation for audiology services, hearing aids, etc. 10 out of 10!!

Adam Corcoran, Collier County FL

Dr. Ann is very professional, caring and number one in her field. I trust her to take care of my entire family. You are in good hands with Dr. Ann and her staff!

Christina Siapno, Naples

Very professional office, really enjoyed conversing with an actual Doctor of Audiology instead of a sales person.

John R, Naples

I absolutely loved working with Dr. Anne. As a music teacher I can be subjected to a lot of dangerously loud sounds. I came to her wanting some ear plugs that would cancel out sound over a certain decibel but would allow for conversation. DID SHE DELIVER! I love what she suggested and she definitely put me in the right direction. Thanks Dr. Anne.

Philip Barton, Naples FL

I’ve been deaf since I was a few months old and can honestly say I have worked with (too) many audiologists in my lifetime and as long as I’m in Naples, Dr. Ann R will be my last! She is caring, ethical and goes beyond to find the best solutions for her clients. I have also referred her to others who have been thrilled with their services. Doctors Hearing also provides a very affordable (and cost saving preventative) service of house calls to private homes or long term care communities to check, tune and clean hearing aids which is invaluable to those who may not have this service otherwise or result in having to prematurely replace hearing aids.

Mary Lambrecht, Naples

Dr Ann deserve 10 stars. She is extremely knowledgeable about hearing loss, can fit you with a variety of hearing aides and works with you to fine tune them, making your hearing great. She also does house calls at no extra charge. She fitted both of us with affordable hearing aides. Call her for a free hearing test. There is no used car salesman type hype, you will love the experience!

C Rubei, Naples

I would like to share with you my total satisfaction with Dr. Ann Rasmussen who recently tested and fitted my mother with new hearing aids. Given my mother’s cognitive state, physical limitations and my absence from Fort Myers during the summer months, Dr. Rasmussen’s “in house” services were an answer to a prayer.  Providing convenient, competent health care that so met my mother’s needs was truly a blessing. Dr. Rasmussen actually made 3 visits to my mother.  The first was the initial testing, assessment of need and fitting of the hearing aids.  I appreciate that Nurse Courtney was with my mother during this visit.  Dr. Rasmussen called me following the screening and discussed the options available.  She answered my questions and it was clear she had a lot of experience and empathy with patients like my mother. Dr. Rasmussen offered and returned one week later to check in on my mother and determine if the hearing aids were working properly.  She spend time with the nursing staff to make sure everyone was on “the same page” with regard to the daily care routine needs for my mother. A week later, she returned again because my mother was complaining about her new hearing aids.  After both follow up visits, Dr. Rasmussen contacted me to give me her conclusions and recommendations. I greatly appreciate Director of Nursing, Sonia Reid, and her staff’s patient persistence with Mom. From my visits with Mom last week, I think we are “winning the war”.  The hearing aids are nearly invisible, including the too-clips (which Mom still doesn’t like), and her hearing is greatly improved.  I am encouraged that this adjustment for her will continue to get easier and easier.


Dr Ann deserves 10 stars. She is extremely knowledgeable about hearing loss, can fit you with a variety of hearing aids and works with you to fine tune them, making your hearing great. She also does house calls at no extra charge. She fitted both of us with affordable hearing aids. Call her for a free hearing test. There is no used car salesman type hype, you will love the experience.

D & C, Naples FL

I met Dr. Rasmussen at a workshop and was immediately impressed by the sincere and professional way she and Brian discussed the needs of each attendee. I purchased two hearing aids and Dr. Rasmussen has been prompt to answer any questions I had. I especially like the concierge service in my home. I will definitely recommend her to anyone needing hearing aids.


Every day I see the newspaper loaded with hearing aid advertisements. Stop reading. The best professional is Dr Ann Rasmussen at Doctors Hearing. My new aids changed my life. I no longer have to avoid family events, dinner with friends, or phone calls. Background noise was a severe problem for me, but not anymore! Dr. Ann tested my hearing, advised which model would be best for my situation, downloaded her findings and gave me back my life. Immediately, I could hear the single piece of paper she had moved on her desk. A tear came down my face as I realized how perfect my aids worked. When I left Doctors Hearing, I heard my car’s turn signals. Unable to previously hear them I realized how annoying they are. LOL. Dr. Rasmussen is a true professional who can help you if you want a fuller, more complete, healthier, enjoyable life. Don’t be vain. You deserve you again. I am forever grateful I walked into Doctors Hearing and walked out hearing the beautiful world again. Thank you, thank you Dr. Ann.

Mary Eileen Doeden, Naples FL

If you, or someone that you love dearly, has hearing loss a phone call to Doctors Hearing & Dr Ann Rasmussen will change your life in a way that is very hard to put into words. My mother has suffered hearing loss for decades, has struggled trying to interact with family and friends and basically just came to terms that this would be her new normal Last month that all changed! Dr Rasmussen met with my mother and today my mom is hearing things that she hasn’t heard in years; airplanes flying by, birds singing and even the hum of the air conditioner. Dr Rasmussen examined my mother thoroughly with the care and compassion of someone that obviously lover her profession! Thank you Dr Ann, you are truly a blessing!

Gail Jobin, Naples

After having purchased a set of rather costly hearing aids from her former hearing specialist, my wife was unhappy that they had in fact ceased working and she was very dissatisfied with the attitude of the audiologist so she decided to seek a new audiologist. She remembered the name Rasmussen from past visits and learned that she had recently opened her own practice. She was able to obtain the contact information and made an appointment with Dr. Ann. It worked out that there were other things to do that day so I went with her to the office, and had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time. I was very impressed with Dr. Ann and how well the office was equipped with the latest technology and equipment, which also allowed her to provide the same excellent care from a mobile office. She has exceptional knowledge of audiology and great communication skills, which give the patient a comfortable understanding level of the hearing process. As it worked out, we both were tested and now have the correct hearing aid devices that we needed. Dr. Ann and her staff have been a pleasure to have as part of our medical network, and the mobile office is an extremely valuable option.

Ted & Cynthia Dwyer