Can't make it to our office? No problem. Dr. Rasmussen makes house calls. With her mobile hearing test equipment, we can evaluate you in the comfort of your own home OR OFFICE for no extra charge.
Balance disorders related to the ears are diagnosed with Videonystagmography (VNG) testing. For better accuracy we work with Neurologists, Opthamologists & Physical Therapists as needed.

One of our specialties as an Audiologist Naples Fl is dealing with Tinnitus (ringing in the ears). We will diagnose the severity of your condition and provide the most appropriate solution.

Doctors Hearing uses state-of-the-art hearing aid verification equipment and testing, called Real Ear Measurements. Real Ear measures the amount of amplification produced from a hearing aid while it is in the patient’s ear.

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Having a daughter with hearing loss has given Brian and Ann unique insight into this invisible disability. Brian has seen first-hand how excellent hearing care has significantly improved his daughter’s life. How lucky is she to have a Doctor of Audiology as a mom? He is excited that his wife’s first-class talents can be shared with other’s who live with hearing and tinnitus problems. Rasmussen started her private audiology practice after working for larger practices in Naples and on the state’s east coast. Venturing out on her own gave the 35-year-old the freedom to structure her practice her way: with an office practice and offering home visits.


                Read Ann’s Interview with ‘Florida Weekly’ Here!

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The most popular hearing devices right now are invisible hearing aids. They are so small they fit inside the ear canal and cannot be seen. Many manufacturers make invisible hearing aids Naples Fl, and we work with all of them. That means we can find the best fit for each patient. Because the devices are so tiny, they take a high level of skill to fit. Beyond the initial fitting, specialized Audiological verification is needed to ensure a proper prescription fit. What kind of verification is needed? Real Ear Measurement


– Noise
– Shooting 
– Sleep
– Water/Swimming 
– Music plugs (for musicians)
– Ipod buds 
– Stethoscope/medical 
– Motorcycle buds
– Electronic Hunting Plugs also available 
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  • Speech and Hearing Center Award
  • Hillsborough Outstanding Service Award
  • Recognition for Clinical Implementation
  • Management of the Adult Patient
  • NCSA Distinction of Excellence
  • Acoustical Society Publication

Doctors Hearing, LLC is a BBB Accredited Hearing Aid Provider in Naples, FL#

Dr. Ann Rasmussen

best audiologist naples fl dr ann rasmussenDr. Ann Rasmussen, Au.D., CCC-A, was awarded the position of Research Fellow at University of South Florida, where she conducted speech-in-noise tests. She has been nationally recognized for her work on speech understanding in noise, which was published by the Acoustical Society of America. As a top hearing doctor in the field of audiology, she was the first approved provider in Naples for Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment. Dr. Rasmussen is also able to hone her audiologic talents while taking care of her sister and daughter, who both live with hearing loss.